Adrian's Pilgrim Bulldog Kit Car built in 1986
In 1979 I bought a magazine called Alternative Cars which was a directory of Kit Cars and other car conversions.  I became hooked on the thought of building
a kit car.  At the time there was no prospect of me being able to afford a sports car unless I tried something radical.  In 1986 I bought a magazine called
Kitcars and Specials which featured the Pilgrim Bulldog both on the cover and inside.  Feeling inspired I visited the Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire
to see what was available.  Then I visited another show at Mallory Park circuit where I was driven round the track in a Bulldog.  The Bulldog was one of the
cheapest kits on the market and on inspection it looked so much better than to other cheap kits like Duttons and Gentry's.  I ordered the kit and set about
finding a Morris Marina 1.8 as the donor.  I did not have much money at the time and my completed Bulldog was a bit of a scrapyard special because I
sourced as much as possible secondhand.  My Bulldog was on the road 6 weeks after collecting the kit from Pilgrim. Not exactly finished (Is a kit car ever truly
considered finished by the builder?) but at least it was roadworthy.
Below I show a few pictures of the completed Car.  I ran the Bulldog for 3 years and I drove over 26,000 miles using the car as my daily transport.  I would also
take my wife and our 2 small boys out at the weekend.  This website covers some details of the build.
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Last updated 19 December 2018
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