I wanted a 1.8 Marina as the donor car.  I bought this rusting heap in Reading for £40 from a student, her mother was the original owner. The car had spent
most of it's life in Aberdeen and the sea air, combined with the dreadful British Leyland build quality had caused all the rust.  The condition of the body was
appalling but the car had a relatively low mileage.  I think the date of manufacture was 1974 which was important as the older motors had bigger valves and
this SDL version had a separate speedo and matching rev counter.  I took the engine, gearbox, steering rack, steering column, rear axle, front suspension,
peddles, instruments, fuel tank and the wiring loom.  Pilgrim shortened the prop shaft and I think there was a modification to the steering column.
Adrian's Pilgrim Bulldog Kit Car - Donor Car + the Kit being collected from Dole in 1987
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Here are a couple of surviving pictures of the kit which I collected from Pilgrim on the back of a trailer.  I paid £1,300 for the chassis, fibreglass body,
windscreen and canopy.  I remember pulling in for fuel near London and some old boy came over to look at my "Riley".  He genuinely thought I had an old
sports car, he could not believe it was a brand new kit car.

I also remember phoning Pilgrim the day before collection to remind them I had arranged to pick up the kit, there was a slight pause on the end of the phone,
when I arrived the body was still in it's mold and they had been working half the night because they were behind schedule.  They welded on the tow plate
while I waited and struggled to find the other components.  The 2 guys at Pilgrim were really nice people being friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.  I recall that
my kit was number 35 however I was one of the first on the road.  When I attended my first rally there were about 6 completed Bulldogs known to be in
roadworthy condition.  I needed to sell the Golf shown in the photos to pay for the Bulldog so I worked 6 hours every evening and all weekend for 6 weeks to
get my kit car MOT'd and on the road.  This still left me with plenty of work required to finish the car.
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