Adrian's Pilgrim Bulldog Kit Car - Basic Roadworthy Kit
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This page shows the basic car in roadworthy condition.  There are no fog lamps, no trim on the running boards and no fuel filler.  One seat and one seat belt
was fitted, no carpets, no radio, no heater.  I was so excited when I took the Bulldog out one it's first run I stopped at the local Shell garage, filled the tank and
found I had no wallet.   I had to get an engineers report on road worthiness before I could update the registration document. I recall that I only had to notify a
change in colour and a change in body style from saloon to coupe
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The Donor Car and Collecting the Kit
Completed Rolling Chassis
Initial fitting of the body
On the Road
Finishing Touches
Note the Mini heater propped up on a bit of wood.  Later made a
wooden box to go under the heated and fitted a radio cassette.
These are later pictures because I had fitted a second radiator from a Honda Civic (just in front of the air cleaner).  On a hot day my Bulldog would
overheat and the oil pressure dropped alarmingly.  You can also see a K&N airfilter, my modified inlet manifold and capacitor discharge ignition.  I
transferred the chassis plate from the Marina and riveted it to the body above the brake servo
The engine was a tight fit in the engine bay and Pilgrim did a great job in
the design to enable all the standard Marina components to be used.